Roofing Contractors in Phoenix

Roof renovation in Phoenix is a must. The city is exposed to weather and wind all year round, so the roof must always be in good condition. That is why the demand for Phoenix roofing companies is skyrocketing. These companies provide services such as repair, installation and maintenance to ensure the safety and durability of your roof.

These services are especially important for homeowners who live in areas with extreme weather, so on the following pages you’ll find the 7 best roofing services in Phoenix.

The Best 7 Roofing Contractors in Phoenix

Scott Roofing Company

Size brings many benefits to consumers, but we don’t just rely on our size. Over the years, we have provided excellent customer service, the value of our products and craftsmanship, and warranties that exceed industry standards.

Because of these qualities, more homeowners choose Scott Roofing Company year after year than any other roofing company. For commercial roofing projects large or small, the roofing experts at Scott Roofing can’t be beat for reliable service and quality materials. For 36 years, we’ve specialized in all types of commercial roofing, from new construction to leak repair and more.

Lorna Tan
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I scheduled an appointment and was able to have someone out within the week. John called earlier that morning to see if we could move up the time as he was running ahead on appointments. I agreed and he came out and assessed the roof. No current repairs were needed but he did provide a suggestion related to the new installed a/c and the materials used around the seams.

Phoenix Roofing and Repair

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Our professional roofers specialize in repairs, installations and other residential and commercial roofing services in the Phoenix area. Our roofers go through rigorous education and training. If you have a problem with your roof and need it repaired, you need a team that understands all types of roofs and the most efficient and economical ways to fix the problem.

You also need a roofer who knows the area and local climates your roof will be exposed to. Phoenix Roofing and Repair are experts with years of experience. For many losses caused by wind or hail events, we can also help you navigate the often frustrating insurance claims process. We use only the highest quality products and our experienced roofers get the job done quickly.

Kim MacCrone
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I cannot express how happy I was for using this company! I feel very fortunate to have had them recommended to me! Very responsive, professional, and fast service! Great communication throughout my repair, very timely and responsive to all of my questions and concerns! Will definitely use them again if ever a need. Highly, highly recommend Phoenix Roofing and Repair! Thank you Jeff and Devan!

Allstate Roofing Contractors

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Allstate Roofing Inc is a locally owned and operated roofing company located in Arizona. The company was founded in 2001 by Chad and Katie Thomas. Allstate Roofing is a residential and commercial re-roofing company. We are licensed in Arizona (K-42) and specialize in residential and commercial remodeling. We believe that by focusing on what we do best, we can better serve homeowners and small businesses.

From small businesses to homeowners, we believe there is an honest way to provide great service at an affordable price. Allstate Roofing is a roofing company you can trust. Our core competencies include servicing virtually all aspects of roofing projects for the residential and commercial industries. Allstate Roofing takes pride in every type of roofing repair and installation it does.

Veronica L
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My roof was recently damaged by high winds. I called my insurance, and two local roofing companies for estimates. After choosing Allstate Roofing, they installed a temporary tarp while I worked through the insurance process. When the time came, Brad came to my home and repaired my shingle roof with shingles that match so well that it’s not even noticeable where the damage was! He told me he also “tabbed down” the surrounding shingles so I won’t have any more problems. It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve had more high winds and hail, and the repair is holding up beautifully. Thanks to Allstate Roofing for excellent customer service!

TSM Roofing LLC

TSM Roofing is a true family owned and operated licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor. It says a lot about our business and team, the quality of the work we do and the customer service we provide. Our goal is to provide a five-star experience to every customer, homeowner and community we enter.

Equally important to us and our customers is the knowledge, comfort and confidence in our ability to complete every homeowner’s roofing project. We are proud that a homeowner chooses us as a contractor and calls us to do a very important project on their property. We specialize in residential roofing conversions and repairs, we use the highest quality materials and offer the best warranty in the industry with our TSM warranty in addition to our labor warranty for every homeowner.

Coach Liv
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If you're searching for a roofing company that truly does it all, look no further! I had the most wonderful experience with TSM Roofing after a terrible battle with my insurance company. TSM stepped in and took the stress off me in order to get the roof I was entitled to. They came out within 48 hours, and swiftly took on all the responsibility with challenging and ultimately winning the battle with my insurance company.

RENCO Roofing

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Since 2004, RENCO Roofing has been the premier commercial and residential roofing company in Phoenix. We are a family-owned and operated roofing company that is an active member of the local business community, and our Phoenix roofing contractors are committed to providing exceptional service on every job.

Whether it’s a commercial roof, home remodeling or roof repair, we’ve got it covered. Foam roofing, tile roofing, maintenance, resurfacing, and roof repair in Phoenix are just a few of the services we can offer you. We know that our customers are the cornerstone of our success. Our Phoenix roofers earn the trust of our customers by conducting business with integrity, honesty and respect; and be responsive, attentive and committed to quality.

James Conrad
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Fantastic work by Renco! Customer service is first rate and they always go above and beyond. Very friendly and down-to-earth people. I've used them for about 15 years on various jobs and repairs. Pricing is more than fair, and quality of work is top notch.

Phoenix Roofing and Remodeling

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Phoenix Roofing & Remodeling was created because of a lack of integrity and ethics in the roofing and remodeling industry. I have been in this business for over 25 years and have seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly! If you are looking for a roofing and remodeling company that you can trust, will be honest with you and give you the service you deserve and the quality you expect – look no further!

Call Phoenix Roofing & Remodeling today. I like things to be simple and clear. This means there is no big corporate payroll or vendors to feed off of and you work directly with me, the owner and decision maker. This means better service, better prices, better communication and a better overall experience!

Alyssa Bain
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The owner, Jack, came out to do a roof inspection and he was AWESOME. I am by no means knowledgeable about roofing, and as a young woman I am often brushed aside or treated with contempt by professionals in the home/auto/repairs industries. When I find a business that has amazing reviews I tend to choose them because I know other people have had a positive work experience, and that is exactly what I got with Phoenix Roofing and Remodeling. Jack took the time to fully explain everything to me in detail and was so patient with my questions, and his knowledge and friendly attitude instantly put me at ease.

KY-KO Roofing

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We are one of the largest and most trusted roofers in Silicon Valley. Our fast, professional service has saved thousands of homes and businesses from frustrating roof problems. We are known for our commitment to quality, trust in our customers and friendly and free roof inspections. When you work with our team, you don’t just get a good roofing job.

Since we started our business in 1994, we have helped thousands of Valley homeowners with their problematic roof repair and replacement needs. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to earn the business and trust of the communities we serve throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Today, our team of experienced and specialized roofers handle all types of roofs, including tile, shingle and foam roofing.

Mark L
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They were very professional from the initial visit all the way to the finish. Devin did the first inspection and estimate. He let us know the problem spots and the proposed solutions. He had options from a simple repair to an entire new roof. They have good communication on the project. The work was completed. We did have one issue with a wind turbine. They came back to inspect and replace. They are willing to work to make sure you are happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hiring a roofing service in Phoenix?

Homeowners in Phoenix have the advantage of hiring a professional roofing service to take care of all their roofing needs. From minor repairs to complete replacements, a professional roofing service can provide the expertise and experience needed to ensure that your home’s roof is in good condition and safe from the elements. With their knowledge of local building codes, materials, and techniques, they can help you make sure that your investment is protected and that your family is safe.

What kind of services do roofing companies in Phoenix provide?

Roofing companies in Phoenix provide a wide range of services to their clients, from simple repairs to complex installations. From flat roofs to shingles and metal roofs, these companies have the expertise and experience to handle any roofing project. They also provide maintenance services such as cleaning gutters, checking for leaks, and inspecting for damage caused by storms or other weather conditions.

What is the average cost for a roofing service in Phoenix?

Finding the right roofing service in Phoenix can be a challenge. With so many companies offering different services, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your needs. Knowing the average cost of a roofing service in Phoenix can help you make an informed decision when it comes to finding the right company for your project. In this article, we will explore the average cost for a roofing service in Phoenix and discuss what factors can affect the cost of your project.

Are there any guarantees for the work done by roofing companies in Phoenix?

Roofing companies in Phoenix are a great asset for homeowners, as they provide quality workmanship and materials to ensure the longevity of their roof. However, it’s important to understand that roofing companies don’t always guarantee the work they do. When hiring a roofing company in Phoenix, it is important to ask about any guarantees or warranties they may offer on their services. This can help you protect your investment and make sure you are getting the best service possible.

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